Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lookin' Good!

Well hello everyone! Isaiah is rising as a Star. He is doing SUPER well!

Here is a text I got from Angel this morning,

Wanting to let ya know he got me last night...I've been officially broken in by peed on me hahaha...lil guy is doing good we are working on feeds to get him to gain the weight. They're looking at Monday for discharge!!! WOO HOO!!! He's taking almost 4ounces a feeding but they want him to gain about an ounce a day so that's what we are working on. I've got the car seat here and bet you can't tell I'm ready huh??? So is evan and TJ...They're sick of mom leaving. Not much longer for that though! :-)

Thanks for checking in! AND keep the prayers coming for this family.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Isaiah is just doing Fabulous! He did his first "normal" baby boy thing today. He got circumcised. Poor little man. However he is eating great and didn't seem too bothered by it. So happy he is doing so well. Angel says she thinks they will discharge him in a few days.

I just can't believe how well Isaiah is doing. Yes he did have a few setbacks but I've never heard of a cdh baby doing THIS well. He is such a strong little guy.

Keep praying for him and his family. I'm sure his brothers can't wait to meet him.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Piggie!

Isaiah is back to his soraing self. He is tube free! They removed the NG tube and he is now doing very well with the bottle. I believe he is up to 70ml's or more every three hours. He seems like he can't get enough. Angel says he can't get enough.

See his gorgeous smile...

What a little Ham! Here he is tube free! Such a sweet heart.

Thanks for your prayers.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Resting on Easter.

Hello All. Happy Easter! Isaiah had a great day. Angel tells me he is off all medicines and the only tube he has left is the NG (feeding) tube. His feeds are back up to 70 ml's every three hours. (THAT in itself is HUGE!) He has not yet taken a bottle. Angel plans on feeding him with the bottle for the first time tomorrow. She is very excited.

He now weighs 7 pounds five ounces. He sounds like he is healing well and getting some great rest. He is doing ALL the right things.

Thanks for the prayers and hope everyone had a Blessed Easter day.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bye, Bye Chest tube!

Hello Isaiah fans! Great news today... his chest tube was removed. I'm sure he feels MUCH more comfortable now. He is again weaning off the Morphine and doing much better.

The xrays are improving and he is only on nasal cannula with very little oxygen. He is being fed again but very small amounts and being worked up very slowly like before.

Here is a picture of Isaiah and I about a week ago. (Angel took it when I was not looking.) I've grown so close to this little guy. I think of him often and pray many many times a day. He is a champ!

SO HAPPY he is OFF the ventilator and that the chest tube is GONE!

So please pray he stays restful and heals well. Thanks for dropping by!


Friday, April 22, 2011


Isaiah is extubated. His lungs look a bit better. They are leaving his chest tube in until tomorrow. They also fed him a mouthful of breast milk today! This is the first time he was given anything orally.

We LOVE progress!

Isaiah and Mommy...

Continue to pray for little Isaiah.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hazey right lung

Hello all. Isaiah is still intubated. His lung x rays are not looking so well. His right lung is a bit hazey, which means there is a build up of fluid in his lungs. Thus the chest tube remains and he stays sedated. They don't like them awake with a chest tube as every slight move hurts badly. I believe he is telling everyone he needs rest.

Pray for healing and rest for this little man.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sedated and resting well.

Hello everyone. I wanted to do a quick update as Angel just sent me a few texts. The chest tube was placed this morning because of the leak. They had to sedate him to put in the tube. They were contemplating a PICC line but that never happened... thank goodness. He still has two very good IV's left.

He has been resting well all day and has not had any recurring issues. They have lowered his oxygen to room air but he is still on the  ventilator at very minimal settings.

The chest tube has not drained much but they still need it in. If he does well they will remove it soon I'm sure. He is peeing like a champ so no catheter was needed. Poor fella just needs some good ole' rest and relaxation.

Here is the picture Angel just text me. You can see the chest tube on his  left side. (These are very painful.)

Continue to pray for this family. Angels five year old son was very upset his Mother had to leave so abruptly yesterday. He is not old enough to get this all. This is extremely hard on everyone. Angel again thanks you for your love, support and prayers.


Leak in his Lung.

Angel just text me at 6:30 this am, they are putting a chest tube in because his lung is leaking. I'll try to get more details soon.

He needs prayers.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out of Surgery.

Angel got a call today at 10:45 am from Isaiah's surgeon, Dr. Shaaban. He told her that a quarter inch gap between his inside stitches allowed his intestines to come back up through his diaphragm, up into his chest. They used the same incisions from last surgery, along with one more incision. He added two extra stitches to fix the problem. (The total number of stitches was seven.) Angel was quite beside herself with the news.

I just got up here at about 6pm as he was getting adjusted in his room. Isaiah did well in surgery. It took three hours total. The surgeon talked to us and told us that some of the stitches had come loose and some intestines were back up causing respitory distress.

This is right after surgery. He was looking all around and loving his Mother's voice.

See these precious feet. No new picc line but these two pesky IV's in his foot.

Mommy lovin on Isaiah. You can feel the love!

This precious hand...

Keep the prayers coming... I feel MUCH better seeing him with my own eyes. His stats are great and his vent settlings are very low. The plan is to extubate tomorrow if HE wants this. :) I say that cause CDH babies have a mind ALL their own! He is fighting the sedation as I type. He keeps looking at his Mommy.


Set back for Isaiah.

Isaiah is being rushed to surgery. Some of his inside stitches came undone and some intestines have moved back up in his chest. Angel is on her way to the hospital now.

They both need prayer. I'll update when I have more information.


Monday, April 18, 2011


Isaiah... LOOK at those beatiful eyes!

Mommy holding Isaiah for the first time!

Angel just said he is now up to 60ml's every 4 hours. Also she is going to be able to bottle feed him on Wednesday! They are also weaning him off the high flow. He's on one liter! So big, big progress!

Thought you'd like to see this AWESOME little man! Continue your prayers...


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Super Boy!

Hello Isaiah fans. I'm sorry I didn't update yesterday. There was not much new information. He is doing very well. He is off all medicines. They removed his PICC line. He is still on a high flow cannula. I'm not sure how much oxygen he is on probably very little.

His feedings are improving well. He is up to 50 ml's every 3-4 hours through his NG tube. They are a little concerned about his fast breathing so they have not started bottle feeding him. Angel said they had told her they would try tomorrow or the day after. Iowa City is great at the "wait and see" approach. Which I am never to fond of. :)

Angel was very excited to change a poopy diaper and give him his very first bath on Saturday! He's doing so well they are going to move him down to bay 4 or 5 of the NICU. Yay!

The doctors are estimating him to have another two week stay. Angel thinks it may be sooner. We shall all pray and see! Thanks for checking on Isaiah. I'm hoping to get a recent picture of him this weekend. I was not able to get up there and Angels camera is not cooperating with her.

Thanks again for your prayers!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Off Cpap

Isaiah is doing well. I talked to Angel and she did get to hold him tonight. She said she loved looking into his eyes but he quickly fell asleep in her arms.

He is now being fed 40 ml's of milk every 3-4 hours. This is HUGE progress.

She wants to transfer him closer now that he is doing better. I'm not sure if that is even possible. I know that doctors like to see their patients out until their discharge. It is so hard when your family lives so far away. You want to be in both places but it is not humanly possible.

She says he has the oxygen prongs in his nose so I assume he needs a little bit of oxygen. Angel is concerned he is going through Morphine withdrawls. She's been back with her boys this week so this was the first she was able to get there. She doesn't like bay 2. I kinda had a feeling because once your baby is off the ventilator then they get less one on one attention therefore it is really important someone be there almost all the time.

Please continue to pray.



Thursday, April 14, 2011


Isaiah had to be placed on CPap after extubation. He still needed a bit of support.

Positive airway pressure (PAP) is a method of respiratory ventilation used primarily in the treatment of sleep apnea, for which it was first developed. PAP ventilation is also commonly used for those who are critically ill in hospital with respiratory failure, and in newborn infants (neonates). In these patients, PAP ventilation can prevent the need for tracheal intubation, or allow earlier extubation. Sometimes patients with neuromuscular diseases use this variety of ventilation as well. CPAP is an acronym for "continuous positive airway pressure".

This is a tiny set back but nothing huge.

He has moved to bay 2 in the nicu so that is great news. They bumbed him there last night. They are still feeding him through the NG tube AND no poopie yet. Hoping to get some updated news soon. He is on very little meds for pain. He is tolerating this all still very well. Tomorrow will be one week post surgery.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hello everyone. Yes you read right.... Isaiah was extubated! The breathing tube is gone. He is doing really well. Isaiah is also up to 7 pounds now!
They've also increased his feeds to 20 ml every 3 hours. So far they see no signs of GERD or reflux. (Which is extremely common in cdh babies.) He is having some good wet diapers, not sure about poopy.  Angel was going to find out more tonight. She is back at home with her other two boys. She is very excited about seeing Isaiah and holding him this weekend.

He is still in NICU pod one but if the hospital gets a new nicu baby he will be on his way to pod two. This is such good news!

Thanks for your continued prayers!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More from Angel...

In Angel's words...

Isaiah is doing absolutely AWESOME!!! They're planning on
extubating him today and taking one of the picc lines out of his leg. They're
weaning him off pain medicines. He is getting feeds every four hours. His
cathiter is coming out...

I can't wait to go back and see him this weekend. It seems
sooo far away and knowing my lil champ is gonna look so much
different-hopefully i can finally hold him:-)

Please pray! Thanks everyone!

Getting Stronger

So a lot of good has happened to Isaiah. He is at 24 percent oxygen, almost at room air! They are weaning his Fentinol and Morphine. (pain medicines) He is only getting his Adivan (anxiety medicine) as needed. They are done using the umbilicord arterial line. (They were using this line for blood gasses.)

They are waiting for more poop as he hasn't had anymore since before surgery. (This is very typical of cdh babies.) He is farting though so good sign there!

The doctors are talking about possibly moving him over to NICU pod two SOON. This is a step down from pod one. Meaning he is no longer one of sickes babies in the NICU. Angel may get to hold him soon!

He was fed last night a tablespoon of donor breastmilk. By fed I mean was given a very small amount of milk through a tube in his nose that goes to his stomach. (NG tube) Hopefully when he gets stronger he will be able to take a bottle like a normal baby.

The next step besides weaning meds is getting him extubated. (Removal of the breathing tube.) So like I said MUCH is happening for the good in Isaiah's small life.

Please continue to pray for Isaiah and Angel.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Starting Feeds!

Isaiah is a Rock Star! They are weaning pain medicines today and they are FEEDING him too! This is a huge. He's only on thirty percent oxygen. (Room air is 21.)

The new xrays show that his right lung is inflating and the left lung is looking much better. ALL fabulous news.

They have been slowly letting him look around without his mask. Angel loves seeing his eyes. Soon that tube will be coming out. I just know it!

Angel thanks you for your prayers and your thoughts!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Isaiah says!

So he is soaring today and is waking up and hating the breathing tube. They took off his mask for a bit and his eyes had a story to tell his Mommy. He wants to be done with the tube. He is trying to pull it out. This is great news. It means he know it is not right and his body is healing. His ventilaot setting are very low right now. Meaning he is breathing over the vent and it is not giving him much support. However he is still on the Nitric Oxide. (It helps stimulate the lungs.) They are weaning him off slowly. This is the last medicine to go before the tube comes out. I'm guessing they will extubate him in the next few days. (That is 'my' guess of course.)

He still needs many prayers as the vent is one step closer to getting better. The feeding begins the next step of this process. AND that is a whole story all on it's own!


Mom sees his eyes!

Isaiah is continuing to do great. His blood gases are so good they are lowing his oxygen. He is now down to 30 percent. SUCH great progress. He is telling them HE is in control!

Angel also got to see his eye as he is trying to wake up. His little body is getting used to the medicines and he is healing. But they did have to put his blinders back on as it makes his become too awake and his body still needs to be still.

Surgery told her that he had a diaphragm it just was not sealed to the wall. If you were going to have cdh this is the perfect way to have it. I'm so happy he is sailing through this.

Please continue to send them both prayers.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good news!

Hello everyone! Sorry that I didn't post more about the surgery last night. I got home really late and my card reader was acting up on me. I couldn't download the pictures. Finally here is Isaiah after surgery. It took about 5 hours and 20 minutes from the time he left his nicu room until we saw him again in his room. This was them taking the very first xray since surgery. They were impressed at the amount of left lung tissue they saw.

His nurse took off his eye covers so we could see his face. Such a precious little guy!

We didn't find out much after surgery, as his surgeon or no one from surgery came to talk to Angel. I was a little uset about that. I understand his surgury was later in the day but still a parent wants to know the details. Anyway the nurses said he did great during surgery. They did do it laporscopic. He has three tiny incisions. Two you can see in the pictures and then one under his left arm. This way of doing the cdh repair is so much easier to heal from and less complications. The did not have to use a patch to fix his diaphragm. He had enough diaphragm to just adhere it to the sides and sew it together. I will find out exactly what was in his chest when I hear back from Angel after surgeon speaks with her.

His ventilator setting were very low. He almost needed no support and was only using 40 percent oxygen. He was holding strong with his stats. They were keeping him very sedated with medicines such as Morphine and Adivan. (Pain and anxiety/relaxant) They had already removed his chest drain before we got to the room. That was great to as a chest tube is very painful and obviously was no longer needed.

I was just amazed at how well he was doing. I have not heard from Angel yet this morning so I'm praying he had a good night. The doctors and nurses are just floored by how well he is doing.

Here is the incision marks. Two that you can see.

I just love this little guy!

I'm waiting for an update and I'll give it on here as soon as I hear. I can't say enough good things about this little guy. He is really sailing through. Keep the prayers coming!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Out of Surgery.

He is out of surgery and doing well. It was done laposcopically. More update soon. All I can say is I am impressed with this warrior!

Isaiah is in Surgery.

Isaiah is doing well. I came here at about noon. Angel was in his room talking and comforting him. His stats are great. He was talking about 40 breaths per minute. And his heart rate was in the 110-130's. His oxygen levels were between 95-99. He is rockin' this cdh. Such a super strong little man.

Isaiah went to surgery at 3pm. There was an emergency case that came in that became priority. I was pleased to see how well he looks. His hypertension has much improved. He was switched this morning to the conventional ventilator.

This is a sign the nicu made for Isaiah.

Here they are getting him ready for transport to 4th floor Operating Room.

Mommy kissing him before surgery.

After about 20 minutes he was off.

So now we wait. The surgeon is planning on doing the repair laposcopically. Which means they will make a few small incisions and move things down to their proper places and repair the hole. This is good news. The only reason it may change is if problems arise. If he would need a patch they will probably have to make a large abdominal incision. Surgery estimated to last about four hours.

Please pray for Angel she is very nervous and worried. Baby Isaiah has lots of fighting left to do. The caution that he may get worse before getting better. Pray and Pray for Isaiah. He is such a strong little man. I'll update as soon as he gets back from surgery.


Pulmonary Hypertension

So Isaiah had some issues with pulmonary hypertension last night.

Pulmonary hypertension is a type of high blood pressure that affects only the arteries in the lungs and the right side of your heart.

Pulmonary hypertension begins when tiny arteries in your lungs, called pulmonary arteries, and capillaries become narrowed, blocked or destroyed. This makes it harder for blood to flow through your lungs, which raises pressure within the arteries in your lungs. As the pressure builds, your heart's lower right chamber (right ventricle) must work harder to pump blood through your lungs, eventually causing your heart muscle to weaken and eventually fail completely.

Pulmonary hypertension is a serious illness that becomes progressively worse and is sometimes fatal.

This is very common in CDH babies. I'm sure he's had a bit of this all along. It grew worse and last night he was trying to move around so they had to give him a paralyzing medicine. This kept him still so his condition could improve.

Angel says the surgery is still on. I know that if they don't get this under control they will hold off on surgery. Please pray that the pulmonary hypertension will pass and he will have surgery. He will not improve without the surgery.

Thanks for all your support, love and prayers. They are greatly appreciated.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

God is in Control.

Isaiah is sailing through and doing all the right things. Angel just called and said he is off all Cortizone (steroid). This helps with the blood pressure. SO great... this little guy is surprising me daily. He has a very strong will to live!

He does have some edema. (Swelling) That is to be expected. They try and turn the babies often to avoid long periods in a certain area of the body. This will get better with time. The good news is he is peeing great!

I sent Angel this a few days ago. ‎"When you are faced with difficulties that never seem to end, keep reminding yourself, "God has not forgotten about me. He loves me." ~ Joel Osteen

She sent this back to me. I just love her attitude! Here was her response.

"I'm trying NOT to stress about things right now or get too overwheelmed. What is meant to happen in every situation will... God's Will that is... There is no use fighting with the Big man upstairs." ~Angel

His surgery is scheduled for 10:46 AM tomorrow. (Friday) I will be heading up in the morning. I'll try to take a few pictures of Isaiah before and after his surgery. I can't wait to see him! I love this little man.

God is good! Keep the prayers coming!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well Angel just informed me that Isaiah had THREE bowel movements today. SO HUGE for cdh babies. I am doing a happy dance here. I know the magnitude of what this means. Things are still moving along in his body, although they are not in their right places.

They did increase some of the fluids which is normal. I LOVE what Angel calls Isaiah, her "Lil' Champion". So precious!

Thanks for checking in and please continue to send happy thoughts and faithful prayers his way!


Keep up the Fight!

Isaiah is still going strong! His Mom tells me that they again cut some of his medicines. We love hearing that! She is very hopeful that the surgery will go on as planned for Friday. So this is great news. I'm a little surprised they are not doing the surgery sooner since he has done so well. I am familiar with the Iowa City doctors and I know they over wait sometimes. I'm just praying everything is going as well as they say. Knowing so many cdh babies this baffles me, why they are waiting. I'm wondering how his pulminary hypertention is doing? I'm wondering if he has spells where his blood pressure goes up or down. I'm not there so I'm unsure. The doctors and nurses are telling Angel that he is doing very well.

I wish I had more information to give you right now but I'm afraid "doing well" is... well pretty great for a CDH kiddo! Please continue to pray that Isaiah will stay strong and that his little body won't grow weary. Ask God to protect and look over him and his Mommy. Thanks again for your love and support.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rearranging Medicines

Angel let me know that they cut his Cortizone in half. Which is a great.

What is cortisone?
Cortisone is a type of steroid that is produced naturally by a gland in your body called the adrenal gland. Cortisone is released from the adrenal gland when your body is under stress. Natural cortisone is released into the blood stream and is relatively short-acting.

They have been trying to fine tune his medicines and fluids. His surgeon is still happy with his progress.


Strong boy

Hello all. I know you are all pretty ready for an update as I was when I got Angel's call this morning. I was needing some Sweet Isaiah update. He is still holding strong. They are really leaning towards Friday to do the repair surgery. I'm planning on being there Friday.

Angel was discharged from the hospital yesterday. She then got to see her other two boys and I'm sure they were pretty excited to see her and pictures of their new brother.

It feels a bit strange for me not to know every little thing that is going on at the bedside. (Since I knew every little detail of my daughter's hospital stay.)I feel a bit at loss for a true update. I feel sad that he has to fight this monster called cdh but right now he is doing well. There are tons of ups and downs as we've lived this. I always say, "No news is good news."

Please continue to lift Angel and her boys in prayer. Isaiah is holding strong. He still needs ventilator support, a central line and lots of medicines because until his organs are in their proper places his body will continue to fight what is not right.

If I hear anything I promise to update as soon as I hear. Thanks for your love and support. Angel thanks each and every one of you.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Slow and Steady...

Hello everyone. I'm so happy so many people are checking in and praying for Baby Isaiah. I talked to Angel this morning and he is still amazing his doctors. They seem very optimistic. The plan if everything goes well is to do his hernia repair surgery on Friday or Monday. The key is everything going well... The nurses say they are getting good breath sounds from his lungs on both sides. If you are not familiar with left CDH, usually the right lung is the best and biggest and the left lung is very small or hardly visible at all. So hearing sounds on the left side is wonderful. We must all hold on to the positives. CDH babies look totally normal from the outsides but if you look at the insides they are really not right at all. Right now the doctors know that his bowels are up in his chest and his stomach is over by his heart. The goal as I said before is for Isaiah to remain stable and then do his surgery to move things back down where they belong. The fact that his liver is down below the diaphragm (because he does have some diaphragm) is very good. However cdh does not discriminate. It sometimes takes the babies that have very little defect. So the unknown to this condition is very scary. That is why it is so important for the doctors and nurses to be on top if not ahead of his care at all times.

Angel has been pumping so that when Isaiah can eat that he has her colostrum first and then her breast milk. It is so much harder when the baby does not nurse directly from you. The mechanical pumps are just nothing like a baby. Plus the feelings you have right now, like stress and worry do not help the flow. She just needs to keep at it and it will come.

Angel was quite happy that they allowed her to take his temperature this morning. They also covered his eyes and ears as a precauction as I explained before they become stressed by noise and light. As a Mother of a nicu baby you really feel helpless. It is so unnatural to not be in control of everything that has to do with your baby. One of the hardest things for me was the reality that I couldn't hold my baby. So tough. Please pray for Angel this is a very difficult thing to go through.

She is going to try to send me a picture on her phone again. I will post it as soon as I get it. I wished I lived closer. I'd be there everyday. He needs so much support and love right now.

Angel is trying to get a room at the Rossi House in the hospital. This is a special place for parents of kids in the hospital. She is also checking into the Ronald McDonald House. If you are not familiar with this, it is a large house with many usaually 15 or more rooms for parents of kids also in the hospital or receiving care. They provide a room and food at very little to no cost. If you go to McDonald's and see the donation box please throw your change in. It is a VERY wonderful cause. We stayed for 4 months at the New Jersey Ronald McDonald House and it was truly one of the reasons we were able to go to the hospital we really wanted to take our daughter.

God will carry them both through I have no doubt. Angel wants me to thank you all for your love and support.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Doing Well.

I just spoke with Angel and she says Isaiah is doing well for all he is going through. They did have to lessen his oxygen which is excellent. He seem content right now. She was pleased that she could still talk to him and touch his hands. Typically cdh babies want nothing to do with sound, touch or light. So far it is not affecting him in a negative way. That may change at any given moment though.

I think the shock of this all finally hit Angel. She said it was much harder to see him this morning. She loves her son so much.

He is doing all the right things. Please continue to pray that he stays stable and that things will fall into place so they can preform his surgery soon.

"God please help Isaiah to be strong and not to fight all the help that the doctors and nurses are giving him. He is doing so well Lord and we need him to continue to soar. Be with his Mother as she faces some very hard and long days. Be with them both. Keep Your Strong hands around them and guide them through this CDH journey. In Jesus Name. Amen."

Please join me in praying. Thanks for your love and support for this family.


Still Going Strong.

Isaiah and Angel are both doing well this morning.

Here is a video from last night. You can here the Ocsilllating ventilator in the backround. It is very loud and pulsating.

The Doctors did get a PICC line in last night or early this morning.

What is a PICC line and what is it's purpose?

A PICC line is, by definition and per its acronym, a peripherally inserted central catheter. It is long, slender, small, flexible tube that is inserted into a peripheral vein, typically in the upper arm, and advanced until the catheter tip terminates in a large vein in the chest near the heart to obtain intravenous access.

A PICC line provides the best of both worlds concerning venous access. Similar to a standard IV, it is inserted in the arm, and usually in the upper arm under the benefits of ultrasound visualization. Also, PICCs differ from peripheral IV access but similar to central lines in that a PICCs termination point is centrally located in the body allowing for treatment that could not be obtained from standard periphery IV access.

Using ultrasound technology to visualize a deep, large vessel in the upper arm, the PICC catheter is inserted by a specially trained and certified PICC nurse specialist. Post insertion at the bedside, a chest x-ray is obtained to confirm ideal placement. The entire procedure is done in the patient�s room decreasing discomfort, transportation, and loss of nursing care.

A PICC line was given to Isaiah for these treatment options which include some of the following:

-Prolonged IV antibiotic treatment;
-IV access obtainable by less invasive and longer lasting methods;
-Multiple accesses obtainable with one access line;
-TPN Nutrition;

They are giving him more pain medicines this morning as these babies tend to wake and want to fight the tube. They want them to remain still and stable. His blood gas looked again great. They did an echio (test by ultrasound) of his heart and it looks great as well. He is on 35 for oxygen which means he isn't getting much extra oxygen at all. Room air oxygen is 21.

Here is a picture Angel took on her cell phone of Isaiah this morning.

Please pray for Isaiah.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Settling in the NICU.

We finally got into the NICU at about 8:40 pm to see Isaiah. Angel was surprised that he looked so well. I felt sick to my stomach and very nervous. The doctor assured Angel that her son was playing by the rules so far. His blood gas was great. He was being put on Morphine to help calm him. He was also not on the regular ventilator but the Oscillating vent. This machine puts small bursts of air into his lungs at once. It's pulsating action moves his entire body all over the place. The doctor also said he was doing far better than they all anticipated. So that is very incouraging. He was stirring more than I expected. At one point he raised his arm above his head and reached for the vent tube. Strong little guy already.

This was one of Isaiah's doctors explaining everything to Mommy.

It broke my heart to see him like this... I know the road he must travel and my soul is broken. It is just so unfair that new born babies must go through all of this. I must believe that God has a plan and I can't question it.

I did drive home tonight. I cried most of the way. I know how quickly these cdh kiddos can turn from good to bad. Minutes they can change. Nothing is assured. I will try to keep you updated even though I may not physically be there. I know that what this family needs is our prayers and our positive thoughts.

Angel hang on...


Happy Birthday Isaiah!

He was born at 6:14 pm. He weighs 5 pounds 9 ounces. Angel did AWESOME! She started pushing and had him at in two contractions. He looked really good. He did not take a breath or did not try to cry.

AND the specialists went right to work intubating him. He left the room after about 10 minutes. He is a beautiful baby boy. I'm so touched right now I witness his birth.

And off he goes... Angel is doing very well. Please pray for little Isaiah and Angel. He has a hard job ahead of him. I'm shaking as I type this update. God is good.