Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hello everyone. Yes you read right.... Isaiah was extubated! The breathing tube is gone. He is doing really well. Isaiah is also up to 7 pounds now!
They've also increased his feeds to 20 ml every 3 hours. So far they see no signs of GERD or reflux. (Which is extremely common in cdh babies.) He is having some good wet diapers, not sure about poopy.  Angel was going to find out more tonight. She is back at home with her other two boys. She is very excited about seeing Isaiah and holding him this weekend.

He is still in NICU pod one but if the hospital gets a new nicu baby he will be on his way to pod two. This is such good news!

Thanks for your continued prayers!



  1. yeah! Keep it going Isaiah! Keep proving those doctors your a fighter!

  2. I remember how excited we were when Ramsey was extubated. This is really a journey that is hard to explain to anyone. Prayers are powerful and miracles do happen.
    Ramsey LCDH survivor 3mo.old
    Gram Mary