Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting Stronger

So a lot of good has happened to Isaiah. He is at 24 percent oxygen, almost at room air! They are weaning his Fentinol and Morphine. (pain medicines) He is only getting his Adivan (anxiety medicine) as needed. They are done using the umbilicord arterial line. (They were using this line for blood gasses.)

They are waiting for more poop as he hasn't had anymore since before surgery. (This is very typical of cdh babies.) He is farting though so good sign there!

The doctors are talking about possibly moving him over to NICU pod two SOON. This is a step down from pod one. Meaning he is no longer one of sickes babies in the NICU. Angel may get to hold him soon!

He was fed last night a tablespoon of donor breastmilk. By fed I mean was given a very small amount of milk through a tube in his nose that goes to his stomach. (NG tube) Hopefully when he gets stronger he will be able to take a bottle like a normal baby.

The next step besides weaning meds is getting him extubated. (Removal of the breathing tube.) So like I said MUCH is happening for the good in Isaiah's small life.

Please continue to pray for Isaiah and Angel.



  1. Praying for the both of you guys! ( sis and Isaiah!) Isaiah keep up the good work!