Thursday, April 7, 2011

God is in Control.

Isaiah is sailing through and doing all the right things. Angel just called and said he is off all Cortizone (steroid). This helps with the blood pressure. SO great... this little guy is surprising me daily. He has a very strong will to live!

He does have some edema. (Swelling) That is to be expected. They try and turn the babies often to avoid long periods in a certain area of the body. This will get better with time. The good news is he is peeing great!

I sent Angel this a few days ago. ‎"When you are faced with difficulties that never seem to end, keep reminding yourself, "God has not forgotten about me. He loves me." ~ Joel Osteen

She sent this back to me. I just love her attitude! Here was her response.

"I'm trying NOT to stress about things right now or get too overwheelmed. What is meant to happen in every situation will... God's Will that is... There is no use fighting with the Big man upstairs." ~Angel

His surgery is scheduled for 10:46 AM tomorrow. (Friday) I will be heading up in the morning. I'll try to take a few pictures of Isaiah before and after his surgery. I can't wait to see him! I love this little man.

God is good! Keep the prayers coming!


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  1. Prayers for surgery tomorrow and read about exciting POOP news too! =0)