Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good news!

Hello everyone! Sorry that I didn't post more about the surgery last night. I got home really late and my card reader was acting up on me. I couldn't download the pictures. Finally here is Isaiah after surgery. It took about 5 hours and 20 minutes from the time he left his nicu room until we saw him again in his room. This was them taking the very first xray since surgery. They were impressed at the amount of left lung tissue they saw.

His nurse took off his eye covers so we could see his face. Such a precious little guy!

We didn't find out much after surgery, as his surgeon or no one from surgery came to talk to Angel. I was a little uset about that. I understand his surgury was later in the day but still a parent wants to know the details. Anyway the nurses said he did great during surgery. They did do it laporscopic. He has three tiny incisions. Two you can see in the pictures and then one under his left arm. This way of doing the cdh repair is so much easier to heal from and less complications. The did not have to use a patch to fix his diaphragm. He had enough diaphragm to just adhere it to the sides and sew it together. I will find out exactly what was in his chest when I hear back from Angel after surgeon speaks with her.

His ventilator setting were very low. He almost needed no support and was only using 40 percent oxygen. He was holding strong with his stats. They were keeping him very sedated with medicines such as Morphine and Adivan. (Pain and anxiety/relaxant) They had already removed his chest drain before we got to the room. That was great to as a chest tube is very painful and obviously was no longer needed.

I was just amazed at how well he was doing. I have not heard from Angel yet this morning so I'm praying he had a good night. The doctors and nurses are just floored by how well he is doing.

Here is the incision marks. Two that you can see.

I just love this little guy!

I'm waiting for an update and I'll give it on here as soon as I hear. I can't say enough good things about this little guy. He is really sailing through. Keep the prayers coming!


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