Friday, April 8, 2011

Isaiah is in Surgery.

Isaiah is doing well. I came here at about noon. Angel was in his room talking and comforting him. His stats are great. He was talking about 40 breaths per minute. And his heart rate was in the 110-130's. His oxygen levels were between 95-99. He is rockin' this cdh. Such a super strong little man.

Isaiah went to surgery at 3pm. There was an emergency case that came in that became priority. I was pleased to see how well he looks. His hypertension has much improved. He was switched this morning to the conventional ventilator.

This is a sign the nicu made for Isaiah.

Here they are getting him ready for transport to 4th floor Operating Room.

Mommy kissing him before surgery.

After about 20 minutes he was off.

So now we wait. The surgeon is planning on doing the repair laposcopically. Which means they will make a few small incisions and move things down to their proper places and repair the hole. This is good news. The only reason it may change is if problems arise. If he would need a patch they will probably have to make a large abdominal incision. Surgery estimated to last about four hours.

Please pray for Angel she is very nervous and worried. Baby Isaiah has lots of fighting left to do. The caution that he may get worse before getting better. Pray and Pray for Isaiah. He is such a strong little man. I'll update as soon as he gets back from surgery.


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