Sunday, April 10, 2011

Isaiah says!

So he is soaring today and is waking up and hating the breathing tube. They took off his mask for a bit and his eyes had a story to tell his Mommy. He wants to be done with the tube. He is trying to pull it out. This is great news. It means he know it is not right and his body is healing. His ventilaot setting are very low right now. Meaning he is breathing over the vent and it is not giving him much support. However he is still on the Nitric Oxide. (It helps stimulate the lungs.) They are weaning him off slowly. This is the last medicine to go before the tube comes out. I'm guessing they will extubate him in the next few days. (That is 'my' guess of course.)

He still needs many prayers as the vent is one step closer to getting better. The feeding begins the next step of this process. AND that is a whole story all on it's own!


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  1. Thank you so much for the update. We are finding so much strength and praise and encouragement in Isaiah.