Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Keep up the Fight!

Isaiah is still going strong! His Mom tells me that they again cut some of his medicines. We love hearing that! She is very hopeful that the surgery will go on as planned for Friday. So this is great news. I'm a little surprised they are not doing the surgery sooner since he has done so well. I am familiar with the Iowa City doctors and I know they over wait sometimes. I'm just praying everything is going as well as they say. Knowing so many cdh babies this baffles me, why they are waiting. I'm wondering how his pulminary hypertention is doing? I'm wondering if he has spells where his blood pressure goes up or down. I'm not there so I'm unsure. The doctors and nurses are telling Angel that he is doing very well.

I wish I had more information to give you right now but I'm afraid "doing well" is... well pretty great for a CDH kiddo! Please continue to pray that Isaiah will stay strong and that his little body won't grow weary. Ask God to protect and look over him and his Mommy. Thanks again for your love and support.



  1. Many prayers for Isaiah!!!!! Dakota came off ECMO on day 5 and was absolutely stabile and steady on the ventilator every day after that, but she did not have her surgery until Day 13 for the simple reason that her surgeon was on vacation. Dakota was born on Christmas Day, more than 7 weeks early. Her surgeon had postponed his Christmas celebration with his family to get her stabilized and safely on ECMO. If she started to become unstabile, there were other surgeons who could have done the surgery, but we wanted to wait for the expert if we could. The "boring" days of rest actually helped. During that time she was able to go to a conventional ventilator from the oscillating one and her settings were able to be weaned. So at least from my experience, as long as the baby is stabile and doing well, it is not a rush for surgery. Many, many prayers that Isaiah continues to do well!!!!! You can do it baby!!
    Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008
    RCDH survivor

  2. Praying for sweet Isaiah! Sounds like he's a strong little boy!

    -from a Nicu nurse