Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out of Surgery.

Angel got a call today at 10:45 am from Isaiah's surgeon, Dr. Shaaban. He told her that a quarter inch gap between his inside stitches allowed his intestines to come back up through his diaphragm, up into his chest. They used the same incisions from last surgery, along with one more incision. He added two extra stitches to fix the problem. (The total number of stitches was seven.) Angel was quite beside herself with the news.

I just got up here at about 6pm as he was getting adjusted in his room. Isaiah did well in surgery. It took three hours total. The surgeon talked to us and told us that some of the stitches had come loose and some intestines were back up causing respitory distress.

This is right after surgery. He was looking all around and loving his Mother's voice.

See these precious feet. No new picc line but these two pesky IV's in his foot.

Mommy lovin on Isaiah. You can feel the love!

This precious hand...

Keep the prayers coming... I feel MUCH better seeing him with my own eyes. His stats are great and his vent settlings are very low. The plan is to extubate tomorrow if HE wants this. :) I say that cause CDH babies have a mind ALL their own! He is fighting the sedation as I type. He keeps looking at his Mommy.



  1. This brings tears to my eyes. I know he'll do well, but this just stinks!! =0( Prayers for Angel and Isaiah tonight....

  2. It does the same to me i love u both hang in there angel