Sunday, April 17, 2011

Super Boy!

Hello Isaiah fans. I'm sorry I didn't update yesterday. There was not much new information. He is doing very well. He is off all medicines. They removed his PICC line. He is still on a high flow cannula. I'm not sure how much oxygen he is on probably very little.

His feedings are improving well. He is up to 50 ml's every 3-4 hours through his NG tube. They are a little concerned about his fast breathing so they have not started bottle feeding him. Angel said they had told her they would try tomorrow or the day after. Iowa City is great at the "wait and see" approach. Which I am never to fond of. :)

Angel was very excited to change a poopy diaper and give him his very first bath on Saturday! He's doing so well they are going to move him down to bay 4 or 5 of the NICU. Yay!

The doctors are estimating him to have another two week stay. Angel thinks it may be sooner. We shall all pray and see! Thanks for checking on Isaiah. I'm hoping to get a recent picture of him this weekend. I was not able to get up there and Angels camera is not cooperating with her.

Thanks again for your prayers!


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