Monday, May 2, 2011

On his way Home!

Hello Isaiah fans! Today is a GREAT for day Isaiah, his Mother and his siblings. He is going HOME! I am so happy for them . I really, really wanted to be there but the NICU said Ava was not allowed in so we didn't make the trip.

Angel is extremely excited. He is doing all of his feedings by bottle which is almost unheard of leaving the nicu for cdh babies. He's only on one medicine (Prilosec) and that is for relux. He is a SUPER STAR!

I'm getting all his pictures from Angel by cell phone. As soon as she sends more I will add them.

Thanks for all your prayers. God is SO good!



  1. Amazing and so encouraging to read as an expectant CDH mom. Prayers and Praises for Angel and Isaiah!