Welcome to Isaiah's Blog!

It was created to keep family and friends updated on his condition. His Mother learned early on in her pregnancy that Isaiah had a birth defect called CDH. (His stomach and intestines were in his chest causing his left lung to be very small.) His odds of surviving birth (according to Iowa Doctors) were somewhere between 30-50%. Angel (Isaiah's Mother) traveled to St. Louis Children's Hospital looking for more Hope. She found it there. Knowing he had hope she decided to have him delivered closer to her other children in Iowa. Isaiah's life started pretty rough. As soon as he was delivered the doctors immediately put a tube down his lungs to help him breath. He had surgery on his 6th day of Life. He did much better than the doctors thought. He was quickly extubated and began feeding. Sadly though he had a set back, eleven days after his first surgery they discovered that he had a recurrence of the diaphragm. His intestines were creeping back up into his chest. He was again being prepped for surgery. He is a champ however letting everyone know that HE had the final say. The breathing tube was removed three days after surgery. He is now beginning the feeding process all over again.

Please Pray for Isaiah and His Family.

I met Isaiah's Mother through my daughter's CDH blog. You are being lead through his journey through my eyes. I've grown so in love with this little guy. He has AMAZING strength. I'm honored to be part of his story.

~Terri Helmick
Ava~Hope for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia